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Light of Hope Infinity One Luminaire

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Shine the Light of Hope® on your memorial every night for years to come. Light of Hope Infinity One-03 Luminaire includes installation, mounting kit and warranty.

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Every Light of Hope® luminaire is designed with the utmost attention to quality and enduring value. The Infinity One-03 Luminaire is U.S. engineered and manufactured with a 10-year replacement warranty against all defects, weather, vandalism and theft. Extended warranties available.

The highly versatile Infinity One Luminaire enhances the natural color, luster and beauty of a wide variety of monuments, markers and memorials. The Infinity One-03 Luminaire will illuminate a memorial for up to nine hours. Each The Infinity One Luminaire has a QR code which transcends geographic and generational boundaries by providing immediate access to a virtual memorial with stories and images.

• High-efficiency, mono-crystalline solar power. • State-of-the-art, 17 lumen high-output, warm LED technology with 120º beam adjustability enhances monuments, cemetery features, signage and other memorial environments.
• Cutting-edge super capacitor energy storage for long life. No need for regular replacement.
• QR Code for enhanced virtual memorial.
• Robust aluminum housing designed for years of longevity.
• Tough stainless steel cover ring that will look great for decades.
• Thick, strong tempered glass able to withstand vehicle traffic. Custom etching available.
• Factory sealing protects unit from condensation.
• Theft-deterrent design with in-granite, concrete or in-ground mounting options.

Eglington Cemetery is an authorized Light of Hope® dealer.

Light of Hope Infinity One-03 may be installed at any of our locations: Eglington Cemetery, Gates of Heaven, Hillcrest Memorial Park and Woodbury Memorial Park. Please call our office during business hours at (856) 423-0165 for pricing. Submit your Light of Hope Infinity One-03 reservation today and our staff will help you to finalize your memorial arrangements.

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